Saturday, January 27, 2007

First Meeting....

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The First Ever Penang Bloggers' Meeting Central - Bloggers Meet will be held on the 25th of Feb 2007 at E-Gate Starbucks!

Date: 25th of February 2007 (Sunday)

Venue: E-Gate Starbucks

Time: 11.30 a.m. (time changed due to popular demand)

Attire: Black or White

This Bloggers meet is open to all bloggers! Yeah and I mean all Bloggers!

You just need to have a BLOG! Don't care which server you're using,as long as its a BLOG!

Don't worry if you're not a Penangite or you're a foreigner, you just need to be in Penang at that time!

Main Objectives:

1.Unite Penang bloggers and form a bloggers community.
2.To form friendships.
3.To allow Penang bloggers to share their thoughts and perceptions

Those who are interested please leave your name together with your blog URL in the comments section or just send an email that includes the requirements above to

Attendance List:

01. LogicYuan

02. Koolz

03. Nicholas aka Jigsawme

04. Hobart Lim

05. Peter & Gladys

06. Tungz

07. Emily

08. HolyBoy27

09. Hong Wei

10. Matrianklw